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  • Blog Post: ESC Boston, embedded sessions and malformed Exit sign

    I’m in Boston for Embedded Systems East (I will be on the Microsoft booth Wednesday morning, and presenting a session called “Windows Embedded: from sensors to servers” on Thursday). The session walks through hardware trends, software trends, user experience trends, and then dives into technology, starting...
  • Blog Post: Engadget: If Microsoft made toasters…

    Check out this Engadget article – If Microsoft made toasters Interestingly the toaster has a Microsoft Dynamics logo on the side… Perhaps this is the best thing since sliced bread… - Mike
  • Blog Post: B Gates

    - Mike
  • Blog Post: Afternoon Snack… Trying out international food.

    Someone at work decided it would be good to try out some international foods over the next couple of weeks, this weeks treat… see below. Next week – a comparison of Baked Beans (US vs. UK) [why does US beans have a lump of pork in the can?]. - Mike
  • Blog Post: GNU running on Windows CE

    Couldn’t resist :O) - Mike
  • Blog Post: Does this video make you want to go to the PDC ?

    Just found this video on Engadget – Does this make you want to go to the PDC? (or come to my sessions at ESC East!) - Mike
  • Blog Post: Am I a PC? (a quick comparison)

    Yesterday I posted “ I am a Device ” to the blog, and got a comment back that “we are what we eat”, so we could be a cheeseburger, or a slice of lemon loaf, but we cannot be a “PC” – but there are a number of similarities between a PC and a person, some of which are listed below – how many items need...
  • Blog Post: Using Coffee Cups to detect phone signal strength

    While waiting for the Starbucks iCup machine to do it's thing I noticed that the stack of cups precisely mirrored the number of bars on my cell phone... spooky! - Mike
  • Blog Post: Dilbert and the role of Architect.

    Found this Dilbert cartoon quite funny (not even remotely close though). - Mike
  • Blog Post: Tuba spotted in Shenzhen!

    Spotted at the opening ceremony of the Embedded Systems Conference in Shenzhen - a marching band, one of which was carrying a... Tuba! - I assume that this was tucked away and out of sight for the trip in the car to the conference center! ( see previous post here ). - Mike
  • Blog Post: Don't play the Tuba on the freeway in Shenzhen

    I arrived in Shenzhen/China at about 8pm last night for the Embedded Systems Conference China - Just across the street from the hotel there's an interesting road sign... Which includes a Speed Restriction sign (40kph) and a sign that clearly shows that playing the Tuba while driving is not allowed (see...
  • Blog Post: What are you wearing to the office today?

    While waiting to get my morning Vanilla Latte (Grande, obviously), I noticed Randy Ramig from the Windows Mobile team wearing a lump of cheese on his head (see below). I can imagine the morning decision process... "Now, do I wear the Cheese, or the baseball cap"... Hmm.... - Mike
  • Blog Post: Which Transformer are you?

    I've just taken the Transformers quiz and it turns out I'm 79% Jazz! (I wonder what the other 21% is?) I AM 79% JAZZ Take the Transformers Quiz - Mike
  • Blog Post: NxtGenUG have lost it! (and I know where it is!!)

    The guys at the NxtGenUG are heading to TechEd Europe/Barcelona (5-9 November 2007), and they appear to have "lost" something... Guess who might have have it? <g> So, rather than simply giving the "item" back to the NxtGenUG guys I thought it might be good to bury the item somewhere in a 30 mile...
  • Blog Post: Amazing Security at Microsoft Australia!

    MEDC 2007 Australia/New Zealand kicks off tomorrow morning (Tuesday 15th May), today we've been at the Microsoft Sydney office and have been rehearsing the keynote and sessions for MEDC. Security at the Microsoft office is amazing, take a look at the image below, even the bathrooms appear to have cardkey...
  • Blog Post: MEDC 2007 - How not to present...

    Some of the content owners for MEDC 2007 have put together a short video showing some of the ways "NOT" to present at a conference. Have you seen any presentations like the ones in the video ? - Mike
  • Blog Post: The ultimate hands free device.

    Forget the bluetooth headset, why carry two devices that both need to be charged, perhaps the PhoneBoy from Stilic-Force is what you need. - Mike
  • Blog Post: Motivating MEDC 2007 Speakers.

    Derek Snyder and Loke Uei have been running around Microsoft Campus with a video camera to see how well prepared speakers are for their session at MEDC 2007 - check out the video on Lokes Blog . - Mike
  • Blog Post: Arrived in Nuremberg.

    Finally arrived in Nuremberg after the flight from Paris was delayed due to problems with the aircraft. Tomorrow (Monday) is setup day at the conference center, most of the rest of the team are arriving tomorrow. I really like Nuremberg with it's mix of "old" and "new" :O) Who can resist a Grande Vanilla...
  • Blog Post: Tech Days Paris: Day 1 - Demos, MicroFramework and French Fries.

    The first day of Tech Days France/Paris is now over, this is a huge event with close to 12,000 attendees registered for a FREE multi-day technical event covering a whole range of Microsoft products and technologies, ranging from .NET Microframework, Visual Studio, Vista, Office etc... - We have a complete...
  • Blog Post: Channel 9 day... Driver development with Mike Calligaro

    Gosh, it must be Channel 9 day or something, here's another great video over on MSDN Channel 9 - Rory Blyth catches up with Mike Calligaro and discusses some of the interesting projects he's worked on (including Sega Dreamcast) and driver development. Interestingly, Mike is also a regular poster on the...
  • Blog Post: CE 6.0: Setting breakpoints in BIB files!

    An interesting side effect of moving the Platform Builder tools into the VS 2005 shell is that it's possible to press "F9" to set a breakpoint in non-source files such as a BIB file (see image below) Note that the breakpoint won't fire unless you have the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Binary Image Builder...
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile Team Snowman...

    Yep, here it is, the Windows Mobile team Snowman - Heading to a meeting in the next building I could see that the Windows Mobile team had been busy building a snowman outside of their building reception. Just one question - Was the snowman built by Program Managers, Developers, or testers... discuss...
  • Blog Post: And then... it snowed...

    It's Monday November 27th at about 8pm in sunny old redmond - late afternoon it started snowing - you can see from the photo below that it's only a couple of inches of snow on the ground, this has brought the roads in/out of Redmond to a stand still - you can probably see that 148th (in the distance...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Barcelona: Crowds rush to get signed speaker shirt.

    Thanks to Sarah Blow for the photo evidence... at 12:00 (lunchtime) on the last day of TechEd 2006 Developers we gave away a speaker shirt signed by all of the Mobile and Embedded people presenting (or working on the booth) at TechEd 2006 Developers Europe - the give away was widely blogged (by Olivier...
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