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  • Blog Post: Video: Understanding CE 6.0 Real-Time capabilities

    Here’s the next thrilling installment of video goodness from Kurt, this time we take a look at the real-time capabilities of CE 6.0 – video below. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Real-Time - Mike
  • Blog Post: Video: CE 6.0 Startup

    Have you wondered how the CE 6.0 operating system starts? – Kurt Kennet’s been at it again, he’s recorded and published a video that explains how the CE 6.0 o/s boots. Check out the video below. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Start-Up - Mike
  • Blog Post: Video: Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Image Creation

    Here’s the next video from Kurt Kennett, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Image Creation – In this video Kurt explores the way that CE images are created by the ROMIMAGE tool. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Image Creation - Mike
  • Blog Post: Video: Porting Drivers to CE 6.0

    Travis Hobrla has posted a new video to MSDN Channel 9 titled " Porting Drivers to CE 6.0 " - this session has been presented at MEDC a couple of times (and I think was also presented at ESC West and TechEd this year) - This presentation covers everything you need to know to port your driver to CE6.0...
  • Blog Post: WE-DIG May 2008: What's new in the .NET Compact Framework 3.5

    Paul Yao is presenting this evenings WE-DIG session , the topic for this evening is "What's new in the .NET Compact Framework 3.5" - if you can't make it to the WE-DIG meeting in person then you can check out the online video up on the MSDN Channel 9 site . If you are able to make the session, then we...
  • Blog Post: CE 6.0 R2 technical videos now available...

    We recorded a series of technical presentations for the launch of CE 6.0 R2, these are now available online (with some technical articles!) - here's a link to the CE 6.0 R2 page with the articles and videos . Videos include: Core and Driver Improvements Voice Over IP Improvements Remote Desktop Protocol...
  • Blog Post: New CE 6.0 SP1 Screencasts coming soon...

    The CE 6.0 SP1 release contains a number of updates that are useful for developers using CE 6.0 - the release is a tools only update (no changes to the CE 6.0 operating system or catalog of components) that provides Vista compatibility for the CE 6.0 tools and also some really cool tool updates, which...
  • Blog Post: Kiosk Mode for CE 6.0

    Last August I put up a blog post that showed how to create a Kiosk type device using CE 5.0 and I've had a number of requests to update the blog post to cover CE 6.0 - so here's the CE 6.0 Kiosk mode post. First thing to cover is what is Kiosk Mode ? - Kiosk mode can be thought of as an operating system...
  • Blog Post: Channel9 Screencast: Managed Application development for Windows Embedded CE 6.0

    Building an embedded operating system is typically just the start of the development process - you probably want to also write/test/debug some applications on top of the operating system image - there are a number of steps needed to get this working, and a number of operating system features needed for...
  • Blog Post: Channel 9 Screencast: CE Application Compatibility (CEAppCompat)

    Just before launch of CE 6.0 I spent a few minutes over with the CE documentation team talking about application development and the new CEAppCompat tool that can be used to determine if your existing CE 5.0 based application/driver would have any issues running on CE 6.0. We've just uploaded a video...
  • Blog Post: Channel 9 Screencast: Analyzing Physical and Virtual Memory Usage

    Continuing todays MSDN Channel 9 screencast series, here's another extremely useful tutorial from Sue Loh covering analyzing Physical and Virtual Memory Usage . - Mike
  • Blog Post: Channel 9 Screencast: Windows CE, Collecting Thread Data Without Remote Kernel Tracker

    It's like a storm of cool and interesting embedded videos are hitting Channel 9 today... Here's the next video from Sue Loh, in this video Sue talks about collecting thread data without the Remote Kernel Tracker . - Mike
  • Blog Post: Channel 9 Screencast: Sue Loh, understanding Performance Tools.

    Here's another excellent Channel 9 video to keep you busy... Sue Loh ( CE_Base blog ) a developer on the CE tools team recorded a video that discusses performance tools for embedded development - this is now posted on the MSDN Channel 9 Screencast site. - Mike
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