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  • Blog Post: DevDays Seattle – Scott Hanselman

    Lolcode.net – funny site with a domain-specific language that mimics IM syntax.  Actual code MVC When you create an MVC project, you get default code for controllers and views but nothing for the model. ASP.Net MVC lets you use nHibernate, Linq to SQL, whatever for your data access. The URL hierarchy...
  • Blog Post: DevDays Seattle – Joel Spolsky

    We get interrupted too much by a computer that has an agenda of its own for ourselves. Examples: Windows updates Outlook: Any exceptions associated with the recurring appointment will be cancelled. Is this OK? <OK> <CANCEL> but Cancel doesn't mean cancel the appointments, it means cancel...
  • Blog Post: DevDays Seattle

    I’m at DevDays Seattle , an event sponsored by Stack Overflow and Microsoft.  I look at it as a day of seeing “how the other half codes”, i.e. those not using the Microsoft stack (IIS, ASP.Net, Azure, C#, etc.) but more open source tools like jQuery, mySQL, etc.  One of my favorite tech bloggers...
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