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December, 2005

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    Before We Begin: Setting up your Virtual Hard Disk

    As I mentioned in my previous post , there's still an issue with Vista installing on blank hard drives, including newly created VHDs. If you try to install it on a totally blank (i.e. unpartitioned and unformatted) disk, you'll be told that Windows...
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    Tips for using the December CTP with Virtual PC / Virtual Server

    Build 5270 was released yesterday as the December CTP - if you've got access to MSDN or Connect , you should definitely check it out. There are some awesome changes in this build. So, there are probably a fair number of you out there who are interested...
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    Starting Fresh

    <helloWorldPost> Hi everybody! :: waits for 'Hi Dr. Nick!' :: My name is Mike Kolitz, and I'm a Software Design Engineer in Test on the Virtualization Technologies team at Microsoft. I'm starting this blog to help provide some information...
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