There haven't really been any changes to the process of installing Vista in a Virtual Machine.  As such, I'm just going to include links to the previous posts (VPC / VS).  Just replace 'December' with 'February' and you should be good to go. 

One thing to note, though.  The graphics are prettier when you're done installing (no more 4-bit color - yay!), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't install the additions.  The graphics driver provided by the additions is still a better performer, and you get all the other benefits of the additions as well.

A few people have posted about issues they're having with installing Vista on drives that have multiple partitions.  Though I'm not aware of any issues with multiple partitions at this point, I think the core of the issue is that the way the disk was partitioned, there wasn't enough space to install Vista.

I remember reading somewhere that - at the moment - Vista requires about 12GB of space to install itself.  If a typical 16GB Virtual Disk were partitioned into 2 drives of sizes 10GB and ~6GB respectively, neither drive would have sufficient space to install the operating system.

So, I'd recommend using a single partition where possible, but if you need multiple partitions, make a VHD larger than 16GB, and make sure you have one partition that's atleast 12 (really... make it 16...)GB in size.  That's the one you should install Vista on.