In an earlier post, I said that you should install Windows Server 2008 RC1 with Hyper-V Beta if you're getting error 61658 while trying to install the Integration Components in Windows Server 2003.

And you should.

But some people are still seeing it.  If you happen to be one of them, here's why:

You probably didn't really install Windows Server 2008 RC1 with Hyper-V Beta; you probably installed Windows Server 2008 RC1, which contained the Hyper-V CTP.

I won't go into the reason behind having two similarly named releases so close together because I wasn't involved in that discussion, so any attempt to explain it would be pure speculation on my part.  Needless to say, the situation we find ourselves in is that there is a Windows Server 2008 that has our beta bits in it, and one that has our old CTP bits.

If you've yet to install any build of RC1, you can get a link to download the one that has Hyper-V Beta here.

If you've already installed it and you're curious as to whether or not you've got the CTP or the Beta bits of Hyper-V, you can easily tell.  If you had to double-click on any MSU files to get the role to show up in Server Manager, you have the CTP release.

After Blogging Mint:

I don't know if anyone else out there ever saw these videos, but when I was in High School, my physics class had to watch some lectures given by a man named Paul G. Hewitt.  While describing miscellaneous laws of physics, he would commonly prove the law via some demonstration, then ask his class "HC?" which stood for "How come?"
My "Here's why" series of posts wasn't exactly inspired by Professor Hewitt, but I've yet to write a post without thinking about those videos in some way, so I consider them to be a sort of tip of the hat.