It's been really quiet around here, well if we define "here" as this blog. It has been decidedly not quiet at home. As many of you know I finally graduated from Seattle University in the middle of June. I also packed up all the crap that was in my temporary apartment and moved it back into the house (which, by the way, still is not done 7 eight weeks after the scheduled completion date). That was on Friday the 23rd.

Turns out moving on a really hot day under a lot of stress can put a pregnant woman into labor. Go figure. So, on Sunday 6/25 my first child, a girl named Caitlyn, was born. I've had about 30 minutes to myself since then between dealing with the new baby, finishing the house, completing an incubation project, and teaching my other children (a cat and a dog) that the new baby isn't a threat, but an opportunity.

Thus, it's been very quiet around here. I'll be around the office until the first week of August or so and I'll try to take some time to respond to questions and write a little about what I'm working on. Anyway, it's off to the grocery store to pick up something that'll end up cold for dinner. Now I understand that line from A Christmas Story about the mother not having a hot meal in 10 years.