Yeah, yeah, I've been really quiet for a really long time. I know. I'm sorry. But, I've been busy with my new venture in MSR. I can't talk about much of it right now, even our internal email messages go through DRM. Let's just say that I've been having fun with hardware (ya know, soldering and stuff), embedded systems (not CE), and lots of toys.

Anyway, the point of popping my head up is to try to figure out why the sudden increase in CRM-related traffic into my inbox. Seriously, it's like I started over or started posting a bunch of interesting things about CRM. It's been a long time - I left when we were just thinking about what CRM V4.0 was going to look like under the covers (and it even looks like I thought it might). But nothing since then. Anyone else have any idea why I'm suddenly popular again?

I'll post a lot more information about my new project in the coming months and may even start posting stuff about the group I belong to independent of that.