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  • Blog Post: New day, new role, old team

    This past Monday I (re)joined a team that I was involved with for many years. I have accepted a role in the Dynamics AX world working on our next release. In many ways it’s like coming home again. I see many familiar faces and have had a chance to say hi to a lot of people I haven’t really talked to...
  • Blog Post: Whither Hohm?

  • Blog Post: Stinky garages

    I was walking through the “underground” garage this morning on the way into the building. As I entered I was immediately hit with that weird effect of having a smell slam me back in time. It was this, what I really consider, nasty mix of tire rubber, burning oil, gas fumes, and cigarette smoke. It really...
  • Blog Post: Learning as a family trait

    A few days ago a cousin of mine posted some pictures that I haven’t seen in years. They really got me thinking. The first one was a picture of my grandfather from around Christmas 1953 or so, they year “the twins” were born. The next was a picture of him in one of his many workshops, I think this one...
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