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March, 2005

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    An invitation to a unique developer event here in the UK!

    It's not often we get the chance to try something completely different but that's exactly what we're going to do on Saturday 14th May this year. We're organising an event we've simply called DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! . My colleague Mike Pelton has...
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    VB6 Support Lifecycle - What happens on 31st March?

    There seems to be some confusion about what's happening to VB6 on 31st March. Let me start by clarifying that support is not ending . After just over 6 years of "mainstream support" * , on 31st March VB6 enters the "extended support phase" * . In essence...
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    Build Server Licensing Question

    We get a lot of questions from customers at the events we run, the answers to which I'm sure will be of interest to others as well. I'm going to publish questions (and answers) that I get and I've asked my team to do the same. Hopefully that way many...
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    Downloading Webcasts

    One request I often hear is to be able to download on-demand webcasts. There is a huge huge repository of webcasts on the Microsoft Corporate site but not all of them can be downloaded for viewing off-line. Here in the UK we're gathering a selection of...
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