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MSDN Search Gadget

MSDN Search Gadget

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If you use Tim Heuer's MSDN Search Gadget as I do, you'll probably have noticed that it recently stopped returning results. Again, it seems, due to improvements to MSDN & TechNet Search. I made some minor changes to the script to get things working again and thought I'd share.

The script you need to replace is called msdnsearch.js and lives in the en-us\script folder of the gadget so the full path is typically something like:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\MSDN.gadget\en-us\script

You can download my revised version at http://mikeo.co.uk/MSDN_Blogs/OtherStuff/msdnsearch.zip. Just extract msdnsearch.js from the zip file and drop it into the location above, replacing the "old" msdnsearch.js. The changes work for me but I haven't tested on others cultures / locales (the search now requires locale and language parameters). It should work okay - if it doesn't, let me know...

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