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September, 2008

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    jQuery to ship with Visual Studio

    I posted a little while back about how much I liked jQuery so I was excited (not to mention surprised) to read that we're going to be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio in the near future . Not only that but we'll have a special annotated version of the...
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    Silverlight 2 Release Candidate Available

    We've released RC0 of Silverlight 2 . This is intended as a developer only release - neither the Silverlight 1 nor Silverlight 2 Beta 2 plug-in will auto-update to this release. This is an opportunity to test your Silverlight 2 applications against RC0...
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    IE 8 Compatibility - Meta Tags, Http Headers, User Agent Strings etc etc

    I've been wrestling with this for a little while now and wanted to try and get down some thoughts so at least I can refer to them in future. Others will hopefully find them useful as well. I'm not going to pre-amble with all the reasons for why we've...
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    Silverlight - Databinding Images to URIs

    Mike's already blogged about this one so I'll simply highlight his post. I was building a simple music jukebox app to demo OpenFileDialog and IsolatedStorage . You can select some tracks to play and add them to a queue. The queue is maintained in isolated...
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    Dynamic Data and Entity Framework

    It's been a bit quiet around here recently. I picked up some sort of chest infection, was confined to bed for a few days and still have the nasty cough to prove I'm not well. I thought I'd throw up a few posts about stuff I'd stumbled across in my incoherent...
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