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Windows Phone 7 Jumpstart Training On-Demand

Windows Phone 7 Jumpstart Training On-Demand

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imageAll the sessions from the Windows Phone 7 Jump Start training are now available on demand. Follow the links below for access. That’s a total of about 12 hours of free training all delivered by our very own local MVPs Rob Miles and Andy Wigley.

And if anyone out there is a comedy writer and could offer to polish Rob’s material, I think you’d have the gratitude of thousands of developers :).

As usual, I’ve updated my list of Windows Phone 7 Resources to include the above.

  • Thanks for the link.

    And as for polishing my material. What do you think I've been doing for the last twenty years?

  • Just as a note this isn't twitter so don't use bit.ly to hide where all of the URL's actually point to.

  • bit.ly has many uses beyond Twitter. In fact it's difficult to browse anywhere these days without encountering shortened links. If you're on a one man mission to turn this around, good luck to you :) Mike

  • true.... as a reader, why not just concentrate on the content. short link or no short link. what matters is the content. +1 for Mike.

  • I've noticed sites like bit.ly specifically clig.gs have been putting an intermediate page between the user and the link.  Not a good trend to start seeing.  Twitter is making everything dumb with the limit...  and of course, where is the value in twitter.  I have 4500 followers and as a test one day i decided to hit twitter hard with an update every 30 min or so with links to my sites.  With all my effort I was rewarded with 25 hits from twitter that day.   Useless as a tool to drive traffic.  

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  • This is really going to be interesting. Google and MS locking horns on another front, it can only be good for the end user.

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