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December, 2007

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Hi everyone,

My name is Mike Taghizadeh and I am a Senior Consultant working with enterprise global customers to deploy various Microsoft technologies, mostly SharePoint Products and Technologies. This is my professional blog site but you may find few personal articles here and there. The goal of this blog is to provide information on SharePoint Products and Technologies.

Right now, I live and work in Seattle, Washington, but I am originally from Vancouver, Canada. Seattle and Vancouver are both very beautiful, and are my favorite 2 cities to live and work in. The good thing is that they are only 3 hours away.

Happy surfing


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    Tafiti goes Shared Source

    Hi all, Earlier this year, Microsoft debuted www.tafiti.com . Tafiti, which means “do research” in Swahili, is an experimental Web site that explores the intersection of two trends: the specialization of search and richer experiences on the Web. Tafiti...
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    MOSS and WSS 3.0 SP1 Released

    Hi all, Just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the release of M OSS SP1 and WSS 3.0 SP1: For all the links related to this, see http://blogs.msdn.com/sharepoint/archive/2007/12/11/announcing-the-release-of-wss-3-0-sp1-and-office-sharepoint...
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