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  • Blog Post: SharePoint and Virtualization - Better Together!

    I'm really excited about virtualization and think it's the best way to streamline deployments and get the most bang for buck out of your hardware. However, there are some important differences between virtual and physical environments that you need to be mindful of. I was hoping to get my virtualization...
  • Blog Post: The SharePoint Best Practices Resource Center is live!

    Check it out.
  • Blog Post: Improving SharePoint with SQL Server 2008

    You might have noticed that SharePoint SP1 now supports SQL Server 2008 :-)
  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2008 is now officially supported!

    Microsoft has announced SharePoint Products and Technologies 2007 (SP1) support for SQL Server 2008. See for MOSS and for WSS. (look towards the bottom) See my posts on upgrade http:/...
  • Blog Post: I’m Speaking at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference

    It’s official. I’ll be at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference September 15 th – 17 th in Washington DC. This will be a great conference. There are a lot of great speakers and sessions and the focus on best practices will cut out all the fluff. If you are an ITPro focused on SharePoint/SQL/Storage...
  • Blog Post: Upgrading SharePoint SQL Servers to SQL Server 2008.

    SQL Server 2008 is now released and is supported by WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 SP1 and above although we probably won't see a supportability statement anytime soon due to resource constraints with the content folks. I will let you know when the official supportability statement is released. [Update] -...
  • Blog Post: SQL Mirroring Setup Made Easy

    In an ongoing effort to simplify mirroring I've decided to post the scripts I use to setup mirroring for myself. There are 9 easy steps to execute. The trick with most of these commands is that they output a script that you will need to copy into the query window and execute on the appropriate server...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2007 Infrastructure Update Released

    The SharePoint 2007 Infrastructure Update is a must have install including numerous performance and stability hotfixes. Make sure to install this one. For more info see the SharePoint team blog
  • Blog Post: Content Deployment Rollup has been Released

    If you are using content deployment (aka prime) you will be happy to know that the rollup has been released as part of the May 2008 Hotfix package. Find out more here. WSS: MOSS:
  • Blog Post: Quick Blurb on SharePoint Deployment Best Practices

    SharePointJoel , Doron Bar Caspi, and I were interviewed by TechTarget after our *dizzying* session on Geo-distributed SharePoint Deployments at TechEd 08. I'm not sure where Joel's and Doron's audio ended up, but they included portions of my interview in their Windows Week In Review News From Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: The Canadians are Coming!

    My new buddy, and PFE extrordinare from Canada, Roger Cormier is blogging now. I'm certain he will have some good stuff soon so bookmark this one.
  • Blog Post: I Made the List.

    I'm number 65! Wow! That's super especially considering how neglected my blog has become since joining my new team. Regardless, I look forward to posting some good stuff in support of my upcoming sessions at TechEd. (see below) See you there...
  • Blog Post: It's Deep, Real Deep!

    I was just reading Todd Carter's blog and man am I impressed. He's got some really good stuff on here. I highly recommend bookmarking this one.
  • Blog Post: SharePoint = Job Security

    Just in case you didn't get the memo SharePoint is the fastest selling server product in the history of Microsoft according to BillG. (doesn't that also make it the fastest selling server product, period?) In a blog conversation I had with the honorable Cliff Reeves he noted a very interesting site...
  • Blog Post: Jason Cahill is In

    It's rare for anyone from the actual SharePoint product group to blog so it's noteworthy when they do. Jason Cahill just started blogging this month and already has a great collection of informative and practical posts that I recommend you read.
  • Blog Post: DPM Search Backup White Paper.

    The DPM team released a whitepaper detailing how to backup MOSS search. This is another feather in the DPM hat.
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Training

    Just learned of this great resource. The SharePoint Learning Resources Site. It's a little clunky, but I didn't know MSFT had so much training available for SharePoint.
  • Blog Post: File Shares and SharePoint. Still a Hot Topic.

    I'm sometimes reminded that there is still a lot of debate over how to position file shares and SharePoint in an organization. There are still many people drinking the file share Kool-Aid and that's fine. I blogged about this a little over a year ago and it generated more than 5000 views and 8 comments...
  • Blog Post: Database Maintenance Whitepaper just published.

    A very proactive Bill Baer has released his database maintenance whitepaper. There's some great stuff in here straight from MSIT best practices. {updated link - Thanks Shane!}
  • Blog Post: Sweet! I've been saying we need this....

    OK, I had nothing to do with this, but it's definitely something I've been talking about. I think a lot of people who think about governance and SharePoint want a way to manage site collections in cohesive units. Now there's a way: I haven't used this yet...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint and Storage

    There is lots of good information on how to optimize storage for SQL, perhaps too much. Some great articles to read for those interested: http:/...
  • Blog Post: Where do you host the SSP and admin web apps?

    SSP web app? Admin web app? By looking at the out-of-the-box options you can easily get confused. While I'm sure some postings already exist on this subject, I've gotten two questions about this recently which exceeds my criteria for posting. :-) The SharePoint and SSP administration sites do not...
  • Blog Post: AC's "Best Damn SharePoint Books" List

    I've been doing some research trying to figure out what SharePoint books I should own and found that my buddy Andrew Connell has done all the work for me. Here's a repost of his work: Here's my little list of what I like to call the "Best Damn SharePoint Books" list. Bit of a disclaimer: I haven't...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint by Day, SharePoint by Night @ SharePoint Connections in Vegas!

    My buddy Andrew Connell has put together an informal SharePoint chat session. Coral Reef Bar in Mandalay Bay from 6-8p . Talking about intellectual horsepower! 16 of the brightest minds in SharePoint will be there. I wouldn't miss this for the world and you shouldn't either. See you there.
  • Blog Post: Heading to Vegas for SharePoint Connections Nov 5th-8th. See you there!

    I'll be co-presenting 3 sessions at connections and have a lot of stuff to talk about and I can't wait to hear your stories from the real world. James Petrosky and I will be giving a session on disaster recovery in SharePoint and one on capacity planning. Shane Young and I will give a session on governance...
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