Let me start by saying that I feel much honored today: I've been added to the Dutch .NET Developers Alliance, so thank you for that! Although I'm not a developer at all (so even don't get me started by writing me some C# code), I am pleased to be part of this .NET alliance. I think it’s great to see enthusiastic people having their valuable community and especially with this initiative since it is smothered with Dutch scent *wink*

As a matter of fact, I hope to spend some spare time designing a fancy top-header-banner to demonstrate my Dutch roots. I was rather provoked to get such banner after reading this interesting article. If you’re curious, take a look at my first try and send me your suggestions. I guess it needs more tulips, wooden shoes and windmills … ;-)

The very first question which comes to my mind however: where the heck are my local Microsoft coworkers in Holland? Am I going solo here or what? I even asked Shawn to promote their participation on the MSDN blog while he is at the European TechEd anyways. I mean, we all know that Holland is a small country, but being proud of TechEd held in Amsterdam again and our soccer team in the EC semi-finals (sorry Sweden, thank you Czech Republic); I really hope that many more Microsoft people from Holland will join me in participating in this global community.

Veel plezier! (have fun!)