We have opened the Call for Topics page for this year’s TechEd New Zealand. If you think you have a great talk that you would like to share with your peers at New Zealand’s largest technical conference then submit it here.

The content team will select the best submissions and let those successful know by the 31st July (and we’ll let those unsuccessful know too). We will generally consider submissions for both TechEd New Zealand and TechEd Australia but there is no obligation to speak at both if you choose not to.

Tips for successful submissions:

  • Write a descriptive, fun and enticing title
  • Target 300-400 level technical content; 200 level content is in low demand
  • Describe content that is new, unique or significantly refreshed from a previous presentation.
  • Take a solution oriented approach
  • Align your topic to the technologies listed for the track
  • Ensure there is no marketing in your content
  • Showcase your speaking experience
  • Focus on currently released technologies, technologies in beta or technologies that will be released within 12 months of Tech·Ed
  • Include one or more live demos. Historically, sessions with strong demos receive higher audience scores

    Here is the list of tracks we will have at TechEd NZ (note some will be virtual tracks meaning their content will run through some of the non-virtual tracks):

  • Architecture
    Business Overview
    Database Platform
    Development Practices
    Office & SharePoint
    Security, Identity & Access
    Unified Communications
    Web User Experience
    Windows Phone Development

    So go on, put you ideas together and submit a session proposal at the Call for Topics page.