Today we had going away lunch with Ben (aka Design view dude). What is that 'going away lunch' thing? It is a good Microsoft tradition to buy a lunch for the entire team when someone leaves.  Have a lunch together, listen to war stories, say goodbuy to a friend. No, Ben is not leaving Microsoft.  He is joining another team at Microsoft which does... well, I can't tell you what that team does :-). I only can tell you it is in Windows division.

Anyway, Ben brought you a lot of improvements in VS 2005 Design view: better table editor, better selection model, stability and security improvements, tons of bug fixes.

Ben has been with us for more than 5 years. But that's what is good for the company: great people move, join new teams, face new challenges and spread their passion, drive, knowledge and best practices. I was Ben's manager and I will be missing him. I wish Ben good luck and I am sure he will be doing great.