Gretchen mentioned that in her group higher-ranker managers are getting windows first. Interesting, maybe HR is different or maybe tradition holds only in Dev/PM/QA orgs... I don't know. Actually, I became a lead back in 1999 (I joined Microsoft at senoir developer position), so for almost three years I had reports who were sitting in window offices while I was sitting in the inner one.

Some people simply don't want window office. I know at least one person who has been more than 20 (!) years with Microsoft and always chooses inner office. Window throws a lot of reflections on the monitor. In depends on the office layout, though. Speaking of which...

Although everyone is free to set up office and he or she sees fit, there are two most typical office layouts at Microsoft. One is when developer places table near the window and sits facing the window with monitor facing the door. This is good for window offices since light does not fall on the screen. The second one is the other way around.

I prefer the latter so I sit facing the door and I can see the visitor. I have to mention that each office has a door as well as floor-to-ceiling one foot wide glass window facing the corridor. This window has blinds to is can be completely blocked. I keep my blinds 50% open so I can see who is standing next to the door. At the same time person standing in the corridor can see if I am in the office. The reason is that if door is closed it typically means that person does not want to be disturbed. Therefore visitor does not knock and instead may hover near the door for some time and see if office dweller will wave, inviting the visitor in. I personally want to see who is there so I can choose if I want to be interrupted ;-)

Anyway, I am considering changing office layout so I can sit facing the wall with window to the left. This way light from the window won't product too much reflections and yet I can see who wants to bug me when my door is closed :-).

As for office layout, some folks bring leather couches, recliners, tables, rugs. So far I haven't seen actual beds though... :-)