Hi all;

I have updated the full codeplex project to retargeting to Windows 8.1 : https://syncwinrt.codeplex.com/

By the way, I ve made the references update of SQLite to target SQLite 3.8.2

This new release of the WinRT implementation of the Sync Toolkit will add some new features:

  1. Upgrade to support SQLite Version 3.8.2
  2. Retargeting to Windows 8.1 only
  3. Nuget package integration (https://www.nuget.org/packages/syncClient.SQLite)
  4. Out of the box Platforms support (x86, x64 and ARM)
  5. Using of SQLiteWinrt component (thx to Andy Wigley for its wrapper) You can check more here : http://sqlitewinrt.codeplex.com

Don’t forget to read the documentation tab tutorial to see how to install the toolkit :)