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  • Blog Post: Sample Script to Update FEP Service Policy

    Very occasionally, you may found that an FEP policy called “FEP Service policy” gets applied instead of the policy with highest precedence. “FEP Service Policy” is an undocumented policy. “FEP Service Policy” is not created by default when you install FEP 2010 ...
  • Blog Post: Guidance on serve initial FEP definition update with SCCM through DP

    Another hot request from Customers about FEP is to allow the initial definition update after FEP client install is served up via Configuration Manager instead of from the live MU. To achieve this, first you should follow the article here to keep your SCCM site with the latest FEP definition update...
  • Blog Post: Manage FEP agents with or without SCCM

    There’re some questions about FEP 2010 Standalone. Actually, it’s quite vague about the meaning of FEP 2010 Standalone. FEP 2010 means FEP 2010 Server that are integrated with SCCM 2007. When most customers talk about FEP 2010 Standalone, they actually talk about to manage FEP agents without...
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