I am a program manager currently working on Windows Azure Media Services(WAMS) team. This blog is my first tempt for trying to explain what WAMS is. We released Windows Azure Media Services Preview in June 2012. Currently we offer a 90 days free trail period for developers. If you are a Azure subscriber, you have up to 1 TB encoding volume per month. And if you are on Azure 90 days free subscription plan, you will have up to 20 GB data in your storage account. You could check out this blog – how to sign up for Windows Azure Media Services.

What is Windows Azure Media Services

Figure 1: Windows Azure Media Services

Windows Azure Media Services offers a collection of components and technologies from Microsoft and third parties to enable end-to-end media solutions, leveraging on Windows Azure platform. If you are looking for end-to-end media solution with the power of cloud computing, Windows Azure Media Services is the right service you should consider.

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