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ClickOnce and VB .Net

February, 2004

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    If foo Is Something Then ...

    VB Whidbey is getting some long overdue keywords: IsNot and Using being my personal favorites. However, there are some keywords that we don't have yet but I could see coming... Something - Basically this just means Not Nothing. All this really buys...
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    Embedding everything in a single MSI

    There was a comment made about my “In the works” post that stated that: “Unless we can embed these other dependand installers inside the MSI and execute them from one package, there will always exist a deployment problem in VS.NET...
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    What's in the works

    It's been a busy week but I've come up with a list of things that I'll be posting about soon. Due to an overwhelming request for Setup and Deployment project information, I'm currently editing and putting finishing touches on a FAQ we use to answer internal...
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Deployment!

    Hi. My name is Mike Sampson and I'm a developer here at Microsoft on the VB team and I work on deployment. Specifically, I work on Setup and Deployment projects (MSI's, Cab files, and MSMs) as well as the cool new web-ish ClickOnce deployment. In VB,...
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