VB Whidbey is getting some long overdue keywords: IsNot and Using being my personal favorites. However, there are some keywords that we don't have yet but I could see coming...

Something - Basically this just means Not Nothing. All this really buys you is the ability to say If foo Is Something Then which is pretty cool. A C# friend of mine was hoping that you could somehow say Do Something ... End Loop and as cool as that would be, I can't really think of a way we could pull that off.

You - We have a Me, why not a You? Perhaps this could be equal to the calling object (Nothing if called from a Static method or interop) and allow you to guard your methods from external callers.

Any of you have ideas for keywords you'd like to see in VB? No promises on gettings these two (or any others) added to the language but I'll bring up any really good ones.