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ClickOnce and VB .Net

July, 2004

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    Unhooking Events from WithEvents/Handles

    A while back when I was working on the publish property page, I need to unhook an object from it's event handlers. That object was declared with Dim WithEvents and the handlers were wired up with Handles clauses on the methods of the object. While I love...
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    ClickOnce in Express (kinda)

    Okay, time to catch up a bit. This last week I've been working on a DCR (fixing up the signing property page) so I haven't had time to blog. Now that it's finished, I'm going to make up for lost time and get two quick blog entries out there. ...
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    Blog more!

    So my post yesterday was the first one in a long while. I've been pretty bad about this blog thing since I started but this year is going to be different. As you've probably read from other bloggers here at MS, we've recently gone through our review...
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    Bootstrapper Package Generator and other goodness

    A team mate of mine on the deployment team has just released an internal tool he was using for testing the genericness of our generic bootstrapper to the world on GotDotNet. You can grab it at:
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