So my post yesterday was the first one in a long while. I've been pretty bad about this blog thing since I started but this year is going to be different.


As you've probably read from other bloggers here at MS, we've recently gone through our review process where we create commitments for the next year (used to be goals but we've changed that; I took a 20 minute video training that explained the difference and I still think they're basically the same). One of the goals I set for myself was to blog more and to make those blogs more relevant technically. I'm shooting for one good technical post (like yesterday's) a week along with a high volume of smaller posts where I talk about things that are going on here on my team or in the world of technology.


Of course, community is about communication so what would you guys like to see me blog about? I work mostly in deployment but I also dabble in the new project designer, new VB .Net features (99% of the code that I write here is in VB), as well as new framework features like generics.


Let me know what you think!