First, I got an email asking if ClickOnce supports passing of command line parameters in the URL query string. The answer is a definitive maybe.

Your manifest will have a flag in it specifying whether or not to trust those URL parameters. If it's set to true, your app will get anything sticking off the end of the URL but if it's false (the default I believe) then ClickOnce will not pass them to your app. The UI doesn't support adding this option in Beta 1 but we're probably going to add it in Beta 2 (I'll probably end up doing it too). So if you want to pass command line parameters, you can.

Second, my post below about ClickOnce in Express using MSBuild got a trackback to a Japanese blog. Now my Japanese is a bit rusty (I studied there for a semester and minored in it in college) but it looks like he translated my post into Japanese! Pretty sweet!


Translation: Thanks UnyoUnyo! Now people who read Japanese can use ClickOnce and Express.