So we're pushing to get Whidbey out the door so I figured I'd take this chance to let you know what I'm doing to make that happen:

  • Re-vamping the signing property page: Should be a lot more approachable now
  • Completing threat models: I only own one model (Use of X509Certificates in ClickOnce deployment) and it's my first so I home I do well. The threat modeling tool we have rocks and I'm pretty sure we've released it to you guys. I'm pretty busy now so if someone does find it, post the link in the comments.
  • Fixing Bugs: I have a TON of bugs, I think the most on my team. This is mostly due to DCR work that I was doing recently so my bugs have been piling up. Also, I own a lot of UI so there are a lot more nit-picky yet important things that I get bugs on like accessibility and LOC. They are some of the hardest to fix but also key to making sure everyone can get the most out of Whidbey.
  • Reading Object Thinking: Great book that's really making me think about design in a new light. Of course, not the best book to be reading when closing down the product as it fuels my urge to refactor.

As each day goes by, Whidbey gets cooler and cooler and I can't wait to get it to you guys in Beta, Tech preview, or release form!