So today, I won't be fixing a lot of bugs but rather, I'll be putting on my QA (Quality Assurance, our testing unit) hat for a while.

QA is focused on Beta 2 right now so they're not paying much attention to what's going on in our RTM branch. When dev goes off bug fixes for 2 months with no QA safety net, bad things happen. To stave off the decrease in product stability that untested coding always results in, we're doing a few things:

  1. Running QA test automation - we run it against the daily builds from our private branch to ensure we don't break anything.
  2. Run QA Product Usage Scenarios (PUS) - A PUS is basically a demo of the feature and how in interacts with other parts of the product. Since I work on ClickOnce in VS, my scenarios involve making an app that does something interesting (uses the ClickOnce APIs to download files on demand, access a local SQLExpress server, etc.) and then publishing it and installing it. All in all, these take about 4 hours.

So today, I'm running theses scenarios. I was supposed to run them last week as well but I was out sick that day and since then we've re-scheduled when we run them so I get another crack at it :)