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ClickOnce and VB .Net

July, 2005

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    Pluck + IE7 = Joy

    I just installed IE 7 for XP onto my work laptop and fired up Pluck , my RSS reader, half expecting it to crash or break. Thankfully, the only thing busted is launching Pluck from the systray. If you load IE manually, everthing works just fine. Not only...
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    Personal Blog

    I've started getting back into blogging more now that work is starting to wind down . You can find it on MSN Spaces here .
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    Entering division Ask mode

    I've blogged before about ask mode and tell mode here in DevDiv so I figured I'd give you guys an update as to where we are now. The platform teams (runtime pieces) entered Ask mode this week while the design time teams (most of VS) remained in tell...
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    Vista Beta 1

    I'm watching the new Channel9 video and it's wierd how many similarities that I have with Chris. 1) We both run the same Vista build 2) We both have the same laptop bag. I've been running that build since yesterday and it's pretty sweet. My...
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