I'm watching the new Channel9 video and it's wierd how many similarities that I have with Chris.

1) We both run the same Vista build
2) We both have the same laptop bag.

I've been running that build since yesterday and it's pretty sweet. My video card (a GeForce4 TI) isn't cool enough to run the LDDM (or perhaps VDDM) which lets you have glass and all that stuff. But my purple Alienware machine at home has a Gefore FX (deemed cool enough by the Vista guys) so I should be rolling with glass an all that jazz as soon as I get a DVD.

I'll have to look around and see what build of Visual Studio I can install that will integrate with Avalon (now Windows Presentation Framework) and Indigo (now Windows Presentation Framework). Now that VS 2005 is winding down, I have some more time to play :)

Watch the video, post on Channel 9 and check out Windows Vista (if you can)!