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    MSMQ over HTTP

    Why? Generally when using MSMQ within your organization or within your network it's quite common use the default native transport (TCP over port 1801). When going across various network or between multiple organizations, one may not always have control...
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    MSMQ vs. MSMQT

    What is MSMQT? The simplest way to explain MSMQT, would be to say that it's an MSMQ emulator for BizTalk. MSMQT was introduced with BizTalk Server 2004, although there is also a regular MSMQ Adapter available, enabling BizTalk to use regular "full...
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    Building an MSMQ Cluster

    Why? Why bother clustering MSMQ at all? Fault Tolerance. As you probably know, Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) is a queuing system which is typically used as middle-ware between applications. MSMQ can store almost any type of data within MSMQ messages...
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