Since, the CMS Assessment tool was released two bugs have been reported.


The first, is a bug in the Excel spreadsheet used to display the results.  There's an error when running on non-English versions of Excel.  After hitting the “Load Analysis Results” button, you get this error.  Below is an example of what this error looks like in German:


Laufzeitfehler '1004':

Die PivotItems-Eigentschaft des PivotField-Objektes kann nicht

zugeordnet werden.


A simple workaround is to switch to the language Excel is using to English.


The 2nd bug is a timeout error when running an analysis of the large CMS repositories on .Net 1.1.


We are testing fixes to both of these now and will release an update in a few weeks.


I'll continue to watch the newsgroups looking for any other reports of errors.  But you can post comments here too.