Mitch Walker

XNA Game Studio

March, 2004

  • Mitch Walker

    Terrarium Style Editor

    I posted previously about the updated UI for Terrarium 1.2. I mentioned how as a side effect of the library design, it was easy to support a limited “style” editor. Here is a screenshot of what the editor looks like. Nothing real fancy, but...
  • Mitch Walker

    I'm In!

    Jeff Sandquist has started a Links 2004 group/tournament for the software community. See you on the course!
  • Mitch Walker

    New Terrarium UI

    So I've spent the evening working on the UI for the 1.2 version of Terrarium . (This is the version built on .NET 1.1 and will sync with the release of the source code). At first I was going the Photoshop route for the buttons, etc. but realized that...
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