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Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

(I came, I saw, I got stuck!)

March, 2007

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...



    I woke this morning completely relieved! Like a big thing off my chest kinda feeling! Have you ever felt that way? I finished all my 11 events, done with traveling (work related!) for now!

    It’s all in the past now! As daddy always said, forget the past but not the lesson! It’s done…it’s over!!

    Now, here’s for the exciting part, I’ll be of on vacation starting this Sunday. I’m so eagerly looking forward to it. I’ve vowed to myself that I’ll be changed completely when I get back. No more looking in the past and cribbing about shit. If there’s a problem then I am the one who’s going to fix it. No one’s going to control my destiny! Not even my fate! I’ll be in charge henceforth. The next 15 days will be awesome to take some time off, think, reflect and build a relationship with my love in Europe! Want to know more…watch this space! :)

    So very typical of me, I scrambled through stuff last weekend and got my tickets on Friday and then I got my visa stuff sent to the embassy on Friday too. To my surprise, (and luck!) I got my visa stamped and delivered (from SFO) in 24 working hours. I got my visa yesterday morning. I am stoked about this trip. I don’t have an itinerary nor do I care to have one! All I know is, I am going to Amsterdam, Munich, Austria and Belgium. The only dates that I can’t change is 28th and 30th both of these days require me to be in Munich, DE. The rest I’ll play it by ear and gut feel. Wherever sweet life takes me…I was contemplating on making a rough itinerary but then it takes the zest away. Timetables and itineraries are for pussies. I’m in for an adventure. I don’t care if I miss a train or a plane when I am on vacation…I want to just wake up in the morning…roam around and then decide if I want to stay in that place or go elsewhere. I have friends in Munich and Belgium that I plan on visiting but apart from this I’ll pretty much be alone everywhere else. And that’s the way I want it…I really need to get over stuff and have some time for some self introspection! ‘Self introspection’ wow that’s a deep word! But rest assured, when I get back I will know exactly what I need to work on and I’ll also know where I went wrong, why and how! Just in general…all in all!

    Gotta love life when it’s sofa king good!!

    If you are wondering what I am high on, http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=39209976 Click on the second song – 'I’m in love with you!'


    In small matters trust the mind, in large matters trust the heart.

    --Sigmund Freud


    I am on the lookout for a book for my journey. I am thinking about ‘Monkey Business or Liars Poker’ if you have a better suggestion write back to me….

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    How to hard reset a T-Mobile SDA smart phone...


    About a week ago, My cell phone started behaving erratically. The joy stick failed, then its performance degraded, and finally it was almost time to put it to rest. I called my service provider and they agreed to send me a new one at a cost but wanted to return the one that I’ve been using. Most of my previous phones were pretty easy to reset. There would be a reset hole somewhere behind or below the phone, I take my pencil press the reset button and voila it would wipe off everything on the phone and just hard reset the device to factory settings. Hard resetting the SDA was a challenge and after trying to reset it for 20 minutes I decided to look up on the net and I found two ways of doing this,

    1. This requires you to be able to boot the phone and get to the start menu.  Once you are able to get to the Start menu just click through to Accessories and then to Storage.

    (Start -> Accessories -> Clear Storage)

    2. If for some reason you are not able to boot the phone (Crappy device, virus, or Forgot your PIN) The second is if you cannot do this (ie forgot PIN or will not boot all the way).

    a) Remove Battery

    b) Replace battery

    c) Hold down right and left soft keys

    d) Press Power button for 2 seconds then release Power button only

    e) Confirm prompt to reset

    Hope you guys don’t have to do this!

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    Coming soon...


    Here's a gist of what we'll be covering in our MSDN Sessions in Q4 (April - June)

    Register at http://www.msdnevents.com/spring2007/

    Join us for a free, half-day presentation where we’ll explore identity management, interactivity and support for cross-browser and cross-platform applications. We’ll explore how Windows CardSpace uses a standards-based, interoperable framework to simplify digital identity management and fight both phishing and identity theft. We’ll also roll up our sleeves and dig into the best practices of ASP.NET AJAX (formerly code-named “Atlas”) and discuss the client-side script libraries and server components that provide a robust development framework for developers of all stripes. Blink and you’ll miss these lively sessions hosted by your local MSDN Events team. Register today!


    Session 1: Next Generation Identity Management: Windows CardSpace

    Windows CardSpace (formerly code-named "InfoCard") is part of .NET 3.0 and provides a standards-based interoperable solution for managing diverse digital identities. With phishing attacks and identity theft deterring people from the Web, CardSpace makes it safer and easier for users to manage online identities and authenticate themselves to web sites and services.
    After an introduction to identity management, this session will provide a step-by-step tour of how CardSpace implements the identity metasystem. We’ll cover how CardSpace fits into the .NET 3.0 framework, how it uses Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for its WS-* web-services stack, and how security tokens are issued by the Security Token Service. We’ll also tackle Identity Providers and Relying Parties, including High Assurance certificates, and finally, how to use CardSpace from Windows- and browser-clients.

    In this session we’ll tour the elements you need to implement the identity metasystem using Windows CardSpace, including:

    · Identity metasystem basics

    · How Windows CardSpace fits into the .NET 3.0 Framework

    · How Windows CardSpace uses WCF to leverage WS-* web services

    · The Security Token Service

    · Identity Providers

    · Relying Parties

    · High Assurance Certificates

    · Using CardSpace with Windows (rich-client)

    · Using CardSpace with browser clients (IE7 and Firefox)


    Session 2: Revving up Cross-Browser and Cross-Server Web Sites with the Microsoft AJAX Library

    ASP.NET AJAX is not just for ASP.NET developers –- the Microsoft AJAX Library also provides productivity benefits for developers who target other server frameworks. The Microsoft AJAX Library is a standalone collection of the standards-based JavaScript classes included in AJAX, which is supported by most popular browsers. It’s perfect for building client-centric Web applications that integrate with any backend data provider.
    In this session, we’ll provide an overview of the client-side script library and a detailed demonstration of how to inject greater interactivity into an existing web site using the Microsoft AJAX Library –– regardless of what technology the site is based on. We’ll also look at how to use the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit for building new controls. By the end of this session, you’ll be ready to create richer, more dynamic web sites with the Microsoft AJAX Library.

    You’ll learn:

    · The Microsoft AJAX Library basics

    · Client library namespaces and classes

    · Serialization and asynchronous communications

    · Easy and valuable ways to use ASP.NET AJAX to enhance an existing site


    Session 3: Best Practices for Building Next Generation Web Applications Using Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX

    ASP.NET AJAX can add new energy and excitement to stale web sites. While previous presentations have offered library feature tours, this session provides the top lessons learned about how to write robust and secure ASP.NET AJAX-based web applications.
    We’ll review the architecture of ASP.NET AJAX and check off key areas to consider. You’ll learn how to write cleaner and more maintainable code, how to address accessibility requirements, and how to keep your sites scalable and secure as you add interactivity. You’ll leave this session with the confidence you need to build industrial strength AJAX applications.

    In this session, we'll cover:

    · ASP.NET AJAX architecture

    · Developer checklists

    · Web application architecture

    · Designing with scalability in mind

    · Developing secure code


    We look forward to seeing you soon!

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    This week, a long time ago...


    In the world:

    March 15, 44 B.C. — Gaius Julius Caesar is stabbed to death in the Roman Senate house. Et tu, Brute?

    March 13, 1969 — Herbie “The Love Bug” debuts. The original Herbie movie was followed by four theatrical sequels (the latest in 2005), a TV series and a made-for-TV remake.

    At Microsoft:

    March 13, 1986 — Microsoft stock goes public at $21 per share, rising to $28 per share by the end of the first trading day. The initial public offering raises $61 million.

    This above photo features Microsoft's executives on IPO day, including Frank Gaudette (far left), Jon Shirley (next to Frank) and Bill Gates.

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    Windows Server 2003 SP2 released!


    Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 was released today! Go ahead, download and update your systems!

    Download HERE

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    A life just ordinary!


    Wake up at 11:30AM

    Get ready meet up friends at 1:00 PM

    Go test drive a car 2:00 PM

    Meet more friends and get some lunch at 3:30 PM

    Get back home and go for a nice long walk at 5:00 PM

    Take a nice long nap from 6:30 to 8:00 PM

    Heat and eat some good dinner at 8:30 PM

    Calls from friends start pouring in, Go to a club or go to this brand new lounge, or go to a hindi movie or go play board games at a friend’s place! Btw, 8:30 and 9:10 PM

    Take control, Make my own plan – Call friends – go do what I love most – Get coffee, talk a lot and go watch a movie! 9:45PM to 2:50 AM

    Talk more, get back home and write a blog entry! 2:55AM to _ :_ _ AM

    A weekend of absolute nothingness! It was sorta nice all I did this weekend was eat, sleep, watch a movie and test drive a car! Nothing on my mind, nothing in my heart! Coldness! Emptyness!

    That’s when you start wondering if this is really what people call – bliss! If it is, I really don’t want any of it.

    Normal is boring! There’s got to be pace, lots of it! Let’s see how tomorrow pans out…



    We all die! The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.



    maggie gylenhaal.jpg

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    Home Sweet home!



    Apart from serious caffeine depravation, Texas was great! God, the Texans don't even understand what a Cold coffee is!! PHEW! I spent my week Mon thru Thu in Texas conducting various events. I did a college event and then conducted two Windows Vista and Office launch events in San Antonio and Austin respectively.

    I loved it! Every bit of it!

    The events leading to my talks were not that great and I was just a little worried that it would show up in my presentations. I was dealing with some personal issues but surprisingly, there was a FWD from a colleague of mine waiting in my inbox on Sunday evening. He’s never sent me fwd’s before but the timing of that fwd and the stuff that it contained was so crucial. It was awesome, just what I needed – when I needed! God send? Perhaps!

    I decided, I was going to give my best ever presentation in Texas and nothing would stop me from doing it. I just did that. I really loved it and the audience liked it too. I quickly sifted through the comments and the eval scores right after my sessions and they exceeded my expectations. For most part, the delivery was nothing short of stellar! A great crowd, perfect presentation flow (I tweaked the content and changed the flow to better suit my delivery presentation style, and the audience loved it!) Lots of demos and just a few slides was the best mix to go with. I did my homework pretty well got a clear idea of what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. The best part was, I went on an ad-hoc style and didn’t do a real prep. It worked! The flow was completely natural and I was in control of the presentation from start to end.

    My first event was at San Antonio College and there were a few hundred students. I can’t believe how interested the students were in game programming. The college reminded me of my career fairs back in the day. It used to be so much fun. It’s almost a decade since I started (not ended) University. I still believe that I’ll go back to learn more someday! J I had a blast presenting at the college although I think the content could’ve been much better – but this was my first time and I think I know the college crowd better now. Watch out for Take 2!

    My second event was a more main stream event and it was the launch of Windows Vista, Microsoft Office and Exchange Server 2007. I dynamically worked on several things – On stage presence, delivery style, delivery effectiveness and finally the most important part – pace! I personally think these events were my best ever events. Of course, the following ones will be even better! J For those who saw my first event in Boise-Id would be pleasantly surprised! Work aside, I had a great time in San Antonio, just what I needed. I had several cool colleagues to hang out with. AND did you know – that San Antonio is the sixth largest city in the US? I was so surprised! It’s a fairly large city and their riverside walk is awesome. And, oh those Texans know how to spice their food. Few of my colleagues live there and they took me to this real cool tex-mex restaurant. It was yum!! The weather was just perfect! Aaah! Loved it! That evening (TUE) after the event Anand and I drove down to Austin. It was a cool drive but the car we got was a piece of shit! The rental company gave us a Chevy HHR…WTF?? That thing is neither a car, nor a truck, nor a SUV, nor a boat! It’s really weird. Sitting inside that car u feel weirder. Anyway, we went to this real cool sushi restaurant in Austin – Kenichi. It was right in the heart of downtown Austin and the food was so yum! The crowd was just B-e-a-utiful! We had lots of fun and then parted ways to get ready for the next day, which was the prep day. With so much energy left to spent there was no way I was going to hit the sack…I walked down 6th Street and started pub hopping. I went to this real cool club where they were having a free styling contest, oh man! I never knew that free styling could be so much fun! I spent almost two hours there and made friends with this bunch of people and then they invited me over to another club…I tagged along! They were really cool, they were all from UT-Austin. Anyway, it was way past 3:00 AM before I hit the sack. The next day I had a presentation and I was so pumped that I couldn’t sleep that night. I got on stage around 1:00 PM …there were about 800+ people and I was stoked!!! The crowd in Austin was great! I just loved the convention center and especially the room that I spoke in. Just like everything in Texas, it was HUGE! One of the best places that I’ve spoken! The presentation went smooth, flawless (well, except for one demo!)! After that presentation, I was completely beat! However, we decided to go get some jamba juice and then again, I had my energy back on…so I started driving towards the huge mall we saw on the way to Austin. I got quick directions and started driving towards San Marcos, Zegna store! I dropped nearly 3g’s at the Zegna store and came back to my hotel grinning ear to ear! I went out again, hung out on 6th street although it wasn’t as much fun last night! I got back around 2:30AM slept for a couple hours and drove to the airport. I didn’t have my iPod and was dreading the long flight journey. But thanks to my sleep deprivation, I slept even before take off and woke up in Dallas! Again, boarded my flight in Dallas and even before takeoff I was gone! I woke up when someone sitting next to me woke me up and told me Seattle was here! :)

    And, how could I miss, it was grey, raining and I stepped out without a jacket! Very foolish! By the time I cab’d it I was frozen!! Brrr…and then met up a friend for lunch…and that’s when I realized, I was back HOME! No matter what, I was glad to be back with my friends, and near and dear ones! This is HOME!

    -Mithun Dhar

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