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Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

(I came, I saw, I got stuck!)

June, 2007

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    To love or to be loved?


    Epiphany’s often occur out of the purple! You just have this aha-ah! Moment and you realize that the whole cosmic world works in harmony – like clockwork! Although, when you watch and examine individual moments of the jewels in the clock they don’t make sense. Connect them and you can see the purpose of the greater goal! Whole vision! Yesterday, I had one such moment. Epiphany!

    Like my title says, to love or to be loved has been a question on my mind since a long time. It all started when a friend of mine asked me this naïve question – Whom would you want to be with? Someone who loves you or someone whom you loved. In an ideal world, the answer would be very simple because love always is and should be a two way street. But, the problem is twofold, 1 – The world isn’t ideal and 2 – Love is seldom a two way street.

    That simple question has been on the back of my mind forever! The answer seems to be situational and conflicting with my thoughts and emotions. Being a student of scientific thought, reason has always been my best friend in solving problems and this is one area where it’s failed miserably. When the heart and the mind think alike its perfect harmony – Symphony even; but the problem arises when the heart and mind don’t think alike – which then is pure cacophony. It’s stuff like this that often lead you into an epiphany.

    Simple, plain daily events lead you to that Eureka moment! It suddenly will all make sense – Some events yesterday led me to conclude that it’s always better to be with someone who loves you more than you love them. (I know it’s a chicken and egg problem and that’s a different blog post for a different day!) The simplest analogy I can think of is a football coach and his team. During practice the coach yells, screams and beats the players spirits down. His only motive in all of this criticism is the hope of making each of his team members a star player. But once they are on the field, the coach never condemns them but instead cheers and applauds them. Especially, when the opponent team is at fault, and wrong the coach regardless of anything/anyone will stand by his team, and his team members. Why? Because, it’s His team and He loves his team. It’s just the right thing to do! When there is no love, there is no respect and without respect there is no love and such a relation is often a recipe for disaster. Because no matter what, in life, there will be times when you are wrong and it’s at times like this that you are looking for some support and solidarity from people whom you love. Regardless of the outcome, you just look for some support and don’t expect to be let down. Nothing hurts one more than being let down by the ones whom you love. But it’s also times like this that shows you who cares for you and who doesn’t! It’s a great litmus test! And if it’s people who love you, they support you and help you get thru the situation but later tell you what could’ve been done better (Post game talk by the coach in the locker rooms)! If it’s someone who doesn’t love you, then of course, they don’t have to stick by you, nor respect you! They are sure rightful like every other person in the street to point a finger at you and leave you on your own to defend! This – my dear friend, is whom you don’t want in life! Because, in life it’s always a great feeling to be loved and wanted. Someone who’ll stick by you thru your thick and thin and someone who’ll stand by you and help you thru it. If you have someone like that – look no further!

    I am sure we are all blessed with someone like this – but, do we make them ours?

    To be loved!


    Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.

    --Robert Frost

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    Resources for the presentation done at Nashua, NH


    Thanks everyone for coming to today's event at Nashua, NH!


    I had a wonderful time presenting!


    Many of you requested the blog address for Bob Familiar who is the Architect Evangelist for this area - it can be found at http://blogs.msdn.com/bobfamiliar 


    All the content from today's presentation including the Silverlight teaser talk can be found on my blog's previous entries.  


    Cardspace and general MSDN Session resources

    AJAX specific resources

    Silverlight Resources 


    Happy learning!


    -Mithun Dhar

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  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    Are you type ENTP?


    If you are familiar with C G Jung's personality types you already know what this is about! Just now, I was reading this awesome page on Wikipedia about ENTP! Read more HERE


    Basically, ENTP (Extroverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving) is one of the sixteen personality types[1] from personality type systems based on C.G. Jung, of which the best-known are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI),[2] Keirsey Temperament Sorter and Socionics.


    The Characteristics are:

    At their best, people with ENTP preferences[3] constantly scan the environment for opportunities and possibilities. They see patterns and connections not obvious to others and at times seem to be able to see into the future. They are adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analysing them strategically. ENTPs are good at understanding how systems work and are enterprising and resourceful in maneuvering within them to achieve their ends.

    ENTPs are enthusiastic innovators. Their world is full of possibilities, interesting concepts and exciting challenges. They are stimulated by difficulties, quickly devising creative responses and plunging into activity, trusting their ability to improvise. They use their Intuition primarily externally and enjoy exercising ingenuity in the world. ENTPs are likely to be:

    • Creative, imaginative and clever
    • Theoretical, conceptual and curious

    ENTPs use their Thinking function[4] primarily internally to analyse situations and their own ideas and to plan. They admire competence, intelligence, precision and efficiency. ENTPs are usually:

    • Analytical, logical, rational and objective
    • Assertive and questioning

    ENTPs are enterprising, resourceful, active and energetic. They respond to challenging problems by creating complex and global solutions. They are usually adept at "reading" other people, seeing how to motivate them and assuming leadership in times of chaos. They can do almost anything that captures their interest.

    Summary: quick, ingenious, good at many things. Stimulating company, alert and outspoken. May argue for fun on either side of a question. Resourceful in solving new and challenging problems, but may neglect routine assignments. Apt to turn to one new interest after another. Skillful in finding logical reasons for what they want.



    Remember the Apple ad that I posted? Anyone fit the bill?


    Hate nothing more than conformity! Dare to be different!


    -Mithun Dhar

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    Videos of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs talking at the D5 Conference...


    I have been stuck on this site watching ‘Bill and Steve’ talk and reminiscence about the past and gaze into the future! It’s always a feast to watch Steve Jobs speak…and I think he just stole the show away! :)

    I love the way Steve takes over by saying, “Bill, bill, ………let me tell the story!” Lol! J

    Check out all the videos HERE

    Just awesome!

    -Mithun Dhar

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  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    CardSpace contest - Are you identity aware?


    Here’s a good reason to convert your site to support CardSpace! And as if this wasn’t already enough…we are having a contest and the grand prize will be an all expense paid trip to Redmond including dinner with the man himself – Kim Cameron! (Author of the Seven laws of Identity! Visit his blog at: Kim Cameron 

    For more information come visit one of my events! My next ones are going to be in Nashua, NH or Boston,MA or Omaha,NE to register or get more details go to MSDN EVENTS and select the location. See you soon!


    Are you Identity Aware?

    Identity Aware image

    Identifying yourself online is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous. Most people who use the web have to maintain several usernames and passwords and have to remember which usernames and passwords to use at the various sites they use. Whilst usernames and passwords are a growing frustration to most users, this problem is dwarfed by the growing threat of phishing and other forms of malware and identity-related attack. Follow the wrong link and try to sign-in to a malicious site masquerading as, for example, your bank, and you run the very real risk of suffering considerable loss. These potential losses may be financial but may also impact your reputation (e.g. credit score) that may take years to repair.

    Microsoft, along with many partners in the IT Industry, is building a suite of technologies to help combat the phishing issue, whilst making it easier for users to authenticate safely online. Technologies such as Windows CardSpace enable users to identify themselves by presenting cryptographically strong identity tokens (represented visually as information cards) to supporting websites.

    To help fuel the growth of sites supporting Information Cards, Microsoft is announcing a competition that is open to every website owner, regardless of your web platform of choice. We hope you'll join us in helping to protect your user's identities from abuse and make it easier for your users to sign-in to your sites!

    How to enter

    • Add sign-up and sign-in support for Information Cards and Windows CardSpace to your website
    • Email the following to identity@microsoft.com
      • Details of your site
      • Complete this statement: "We added support for information cards to our site because …"
    • All entries will be judged by the CardSpace product team and winners announced on August 17, 2007. The winner will be notified by email.

    Note: We will only use your email address to notify you if you win.

    The prizes

    • Grand Prize:
      • 1 Round-trip ticket (from and to a single location within the United States)
      • Overnight accommodation in a hotel near Microsoft Campus
      • Meet the team - spend a day with various members of Microsoft's Federated Identity team
      • Dinner with Kim Cameron
    • Second prize:
      • XBox 360 Elite Games Console
    • Third prize:
      • Zune music player

    Please note that due to international gaming laws we are only able to offer these prizes to US Residents and that any taxes incurred from receiving a prize is the sole responsibility of the prize winner(s).

    Adding support for Windows CardSpace to your site

    • The following resources will be indispensible in guiding you how to add support to your website:
    • If you have technical issues, please post questions to the Windows CardSpace discussion forum on MSDN – we'll be monitoring this forum closely and responding as quickly as we can. Note – if you contact us directly with support requests and your request is generic in nature, we'll ask you to post your question to the forum. This is the help others who may be experiencing the same issue as you and so that we can better manage potential support issues.

    -Mithun Dhar

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