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July, 2008

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    Want to be a Developer Evangelist?


    We're hiring! Here's more information...

    Job Posting

    Job Title: Developer Evangelist
    Job Category: Technical
    Product: (Not Product Specific)
    Date Posted: 07/29/2008
    Job Code: 238034
    Location: (Non-location specific)
    Travel Required:

    The Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) Team is looking for a senior Developer Evangelist to join our US West Region organization in the Southwestern United States.

    The DPE mission is to drive platform and tools adoption through direct evangelism, community engagement and quality interaction with influencers. The satisfaction of the software development community and adoption of Microsoft technologies are the primary goals of our team.

    The Developer Evangelist position is a technical role with the mission of engaging the broad community of developers in the Southwestern United States and driving excitement around developer tools and platform technologies. This position will report to the US West Region DPE Audience Director.

    Specific responsibilities include:

    • Increasing satisfaction with Microsoft and our developer tools/platform technologies within the developer community.
    • Building and maintaining high-quality relationships with developer community leaders and influencers in the target territory.
    • Delivering persuasive and passionate, high impact, high quality, presentations via various local and national event channels such as MSDN Events, Tech-Ed, etc.
    • Participating in, sponsoring and supporting community-led developer events and programs in the local territory, the region and across the USA.
    • Engaging and making connections with neutral and competitive technology focused communities and influencers.
    • Participating actively in the local developer community through blogs, newsletters, meetings and other activities.

    Required skills include:

    • Excellent presentation skills to large, demanding technical audiences
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills
    • A blend of passion, optimism, customer advocacy, curiosity and creativity
    • Demonstrated track-record of developer community involvement
    • Preferred qualifications include Computer Science/Engineering or related degree, 10+ years of hands-on developer experience
    • Demonstrated hands-on software development experience with current and emerging web technologies is required
    • Demonstrated hands-on software development experience with current and emerging Windows platform technologies, the .NET Framework and Visual Studio + other Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, BizTalk Server, SharePoint, Smart Clients, Microsoft Office, etc.
    • Experience with multiple, current programming languages
    • Experience using non-Microsoft technologies (Ruby, PHP, Flex/Flash, Linux, Eclipse, Java a HUGE plus
    • Experience with or knowledge of future Microsoft developer technologies a plus
    • Microsoft certifications (MCSD, MCT, MCSE, etc.) a plus

    This description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this position. The actual duties, responsibilities, and qualifications may vary based on accounts or group assigned. Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer, we support workplace diversity.


    Reach out to me if you are interested!

    -Mithun Dhar

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  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    Fring & SlideShare...


    Amidst all the latest and greatest Web 2.0 companies two of them stand out! For starters, they are useful! :)

    The first one is Fring. In about 5 minutes you can set up your mobile phone to communicate 'smartly' with all your IM buddies. Not only do you have a consolidated IM Client on your phone but you can also use your phone as a very effective VOIP communicator. You can directly call the PC (IM Buddies) via your phone. Alternatively, your IM buddies can call you on your phone once the Fring client is installed. This is very useful for me and it has nearly cut my international calling calls by more than 70%. I no longer use calling cards or annoying super high cost international calls. Gotta love technology!


    The second company that is revolutionary and changing the game is SlideShare. It's aptly called the youtube for slides. I love this concept! This is so useful for me as I am now able to share my slides to the masses in 2 easy steps: Upload & Publish. Be sure to visit the site for some awesomely entertaining and educating slides.


    Give it a shot and rest assured, you'll love both of these unique services.


    -Mithun Dhar

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  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    Got 'Mojave'?


    I've told this many times before and I'll tell it again, 'Mojave' is great! What's Mojave? you ask! Well, Mojave is nothing but Windows Vista!


    REDMOND, Wash.--After months of searching for ways to defend its oft-maligned Windows operating system, Microsoft may just have found its best weapon: Vista's skeptics.

    Spurred by an e-mail from someone deep in the marketing ranks, Microsoft last week traveled to San Francisco, rounding up Windows XP users who had negative impressions of Vista. The subjects were put on video, asked about their Vista impressions, and then shown a "new" operating system, code-named Mojave. More than 90 percent gave positive feedback on what they saw. Then they were told that "Mojave" was actually Windows Vista.

    "Oh wow," said one user, eliciting exactly the exclamation that Microsoft had hoped to garner when it first released the operating system more than 18 months ago. Instead, the operating system got mixed reviews and criticisms for its lack of compatibility and other headaches.

    People, I have been using Windows Vista from it's beta time frame. And, I can't tell you how great this OS is. I'm not touting about Vista because I'm a Microsoft employee but I'm talking about it because it is REALLY a good OS. The best way to test this OS is to 'TRY' it for a month or two. And then, if you have problems roll back to Windows XP. Rest assured, you'll find a difference. One important thing to keep in mind is the bare minimum RAM requirement. Talking from my experience, you need at least 2GB RAM with a good graphics card to take complete advantage of the OS. And, in these days 2 GB ain't much!

    Try Mojave aka Windows Vista!


    Here's the video's, etc....http://www.mojaveexperiment.com/

    -Mithun Dhar

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  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    VSTS User Group Meeting on the 30th of this month...


    Next Wednesday, on July 30th - We are meeting at Lincoln Square, Bellevue WA (on the 15th floor) to discuss about MS Build and how to effectively use Team Build. Be sure to Register for this session. Here's an overview from the Seattle Team System site.


    Title: Using MSBuild to extend Team Build

    When: 6:30 PM on July 30, 2008

    Where:  Microsoft Offices at Lincoln Square in Bellevue Downtown

    Registration Link:


    If you are unable to attend in person, you can also attend via live meeting using this link -


    Audio Information
    Computer Audio
    To use computer audio, you need speakers and microphone, or a headset.
    Telephone conferencing
    Choose one of the following:
    • Start Live Meeting client, and then in Voice & Video pane under Join Audio options, click Call Me. The conferencing service will call you at the number you specify. (Recommended)
    • Use the information below to connect:
    Toll-free: +1 (866) 500-6738
    Toll: +1 (203) 480-8000
    Participant code: 8520141
    First Time Users:
    To save time before the meeting, check your system to make sure it is ready to use Microsoft Office Live Meeting.
    Unable to join the meeting? Follow these steps:
    1. Copy this address and paste it into your web browser:
    2. Copy and paste the required information:
    Meeting ID: 2NDF2Z
    Location: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/microsoft
    If you still cannot enter the meeting, contact support

    Speaker:  Shad Timm

    VSTS Consultant, Northwest Cadence


    To extend Team Build effectively, you need to know MSBuild!  Come learn the basics of MSBuild, and how to extend MSBuild to support your automated build needs!

    -Mithun Dhar

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  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    geekSpeaking in Aug...


    This August I'll be hosting two fun filled geekSpeak sessions...

    1. Learn all about WCF (well, almost all :)) and see why WCF is the NEW .NET when we talk to Juval Lowy on August 13th. Be sure to REGISTER
    2. And, on the 6th of Aug tune in to learn 'How to make SharePoint not look like SharePoint' when we geekSpeak with Paul Stork! REGISTER

    Be sure to register for these sessions and if you want more topics or if you have Speaker recommendations...leave me a comment! We are always looking to have great speakers on this show!

    -Mithun Dhar

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    I'm back...


    I've been away from the blogsphere for a while now! All this while, I was busy wrapping up stuff for FY08 and charting out activities for FY09.

    I'm really excited about FY09 and you'll read all about it in this up coming MSDN Flash Newsletter (If you aren't already subscribing it, I strongly recommend it!)

    It's my goal this year to take a cruise someplace nice. Needless to say, my wife is super excited! Anyway, while I was researching for it, I came across this new service that the Indian Railways has been offering...check it out, and it costs less than $250 for a week! It's a different sort of cruise...

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