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May, 2010

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    SharePoint 2010 Development in Visual Studio 2010…


    With nearly a Million developers on SharePoint, we realize how important the Developer experience is. Visual Studio 2010 helps bridge the gap that SharePoint developers had while writing SharePoint applications. Three big things we have focused in VS2010 (specifically for SharePoint Developers)…

    1. Improve productivity (F5 debugging, Client Machine Development, etc…)

    2. Connect Businesses and Data (All the goodness of Business Connectivity Services)

    3. Extend Rich Visualizations (Silverlight, especially powerful with SharePoint Client Object Model and also the Rich Office Integration we offer via VS2010)

    To get a better idea, skim through the deck. Even better, come join me at one of our Launch Events…

    You can register for a launch event close to you at: www.msdnevents.com/firestarter

    As always, if you have any questions feel free to tweet me at @mithund

    -Mithun Dhar

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    NETDA User Group Meeting/VS2010 & Office 2010 Community Launch Event tonight…


    Come join us for a fun filled evening…

    NETDA meeting 05-10-10: Visual Studio 2010 and Office 2010 Launch Event

    06:30pm – Doors open
    06:45pm – Free pizza
    06:55pm – News and announcements
    07:00pm – Building Business Productivity Applications with VS 2010 – Beth Massi
    08:10pm – Improving Developer-Tester Collaboration with VS 2010 – Doug Seven
    08:55pm – Giveaways, raffles, and socializing 

    Note: Attendees must be an active NETDA member to receive free giveaways and to be eligible for the many valuable raffle prizes. Membership information, activation, and renewals on our Membership page ($20/year via PayPal, or credit card through PayPal).

    Building Business Productivity Applications with Visual Studio 2010 – Beth Massi
    The Visual Studio and Office teams have made significant investments in improving the developer experience for building and deploying Office and SharePoint applications. In this demo-heavy session, we will walk through a ton of demos and new tools that show you how to build business applications built on Office and SharePoint as well as how to integrate your line-of-business data via OData services. You’ll also see how to consume these services to create powerful BI data analysis in Excel 2010 and how you can extend Office client and server applications.
    Beth Massi is a Senior Program Manager on the Visual Studio team at Microsoft and a community champion for business applications and Visual Basic developers. She has over 15 years of industry experience building business applications and is a frequent speaker at various software development events. You can fi nd her on a variety of developer sites including MSDN Developer Centers, Channel 9, her blog at www.BethMassi.com, and on twitter @BethMassi.

    Improving Developer-Tester Collaboration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 – Doug Seven
    Effective collaboration between developers and testers is paramount and can make the difference between shipping quality applications on time, or slipping because bugs are found late. In this session you will learn how Visual Studio 2010 can help you improve the collaboration of development and test activities in your team, regardless of who does them. You will learn how Microsoft Test Manager 2010 helps you execute tests and enables you to file rich, actionable bugs so whomever they get assigned to can easily understand the issue and begin to fix it. You will see how IntelliTrace helps you discover the root cause of a defect quickly, and finally how to automate your functional testing with Coded UI Tests.
    Doug Seven is a senior product manager for Visual Studio Team System. Doug’s blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/dseven.

    Upcoming NETDA Events:

    05-24-10: The New ASP.NET AJAX Library with Stephen Walther

    06-14-10: Report Builder 2.0 with William Vaughn


    .NET Developers Association: http://dotnetda.orgRSS
    Twitter: @NETDA

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