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October, 2010

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup Script…



    Problem: Installing SharePoint Or Setting up a Dev Environment for writing SharePoint applications. (Install SharePoint directly onto your machine running Windows 7 64bit). The downside to installing it on your Windows 7 box is that it requires a steep learning curve to understand how to setup and install all of the bits and pieces to have a full SharePoint developer environment. This is where the Easy Setup Script comes in. The goal of the Easy Setup Script is to reduce the learning curve and time for a casual developer to get started.

    Solution: We are addressing this problem by providing you a SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup Scrip that automates this process. *ta da* :)

    How: In order to make this easy Our Resident SharePoint experts have created a series of PowerShell Scripts that automate the entire process. Of course, these scripts are highly configurable and can be tweaked to make it more customized. But right out of the bat,

    - They will download and install all of the Required Software (Including Pre-Req’s)

    - Install and download all of the SharePoint Pre-Req’s

    -Install other software such as Visual Studio and Office

    -Of course, this script will also install and configure SharePoint 2010

    -and finally, it will provision a site for you to work with.

    Please note that this script will download evaluation copies of the products it installs (or use fully licensed product bits you supply), install them either locally or in a user supplied Windows 7 VHD & set that VHD up for duel boot using the Windows 7 VHD native boot feature.

    In case you are wondering about what specific software will be installed, here’s a list:

    • SharePoint Server 2010 + pre-requisites (Standalone)
      • Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition
      • Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio
      • Expression Studio 4 Ultimate
      • Open XML SDK
      • Visual Studio SDK
      • Visual Studio SharePoint Power Tools
      • Office 2010 Professional Plus
      • SharePoint Designer 2010
      • Visio 2010

      Also to help you visualize what’s happening, here’s the Easy Setup Script Process Flow…


      Click to view full size

      To begin Download the Script 

      As soon as you download and install you will be presented with this screen…


      If this is not an option, do try out the Information Worker VHD – This has everything Setup and Configured but of course to use this VHD you will need a machine capable of running Hyper-V and it should have at least 8 GB RAM.

      Alternatively, you can remote desktop into a hosted instance of SharePoint. But this is not the most desired solution for developers…

      Here’s a really useful presentation to understand what’s going on…you get this from the script.

      Fore more updates, follow Chris Johnson’s and Paul Stubb’s blogs on MSDN. They are our resident experts and SharePoint evangelists.

      And as always, if you have specific questions – feel free to email me. I modified the Config file and installed SharePoint 2010 using the Easy Setup Script.

      -Mithun Dhar

    • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

      Windows Phone 7 Unleashed Events–Bellevue, Seattle and Boise–Gear up!


      We had a super successful Windows Phone 7 Unleashed event in Portland, OR last week. Erik Mork (Silverlight MVP), Kelly White and Stuart Celarier (Microsoft RD) presented at this event. We had a total of 10 applications built and judged at this event.

      Both Erik and Kelly have a fantastic write up of how the event went through. Skim through to see the app details and learn about the winning entries…

      Kelly White’s Trip Report: http://kelly.whitepdx.com/post/35

      Erik Mork’s (MVP) Trip Report: http://www.sparklingclient.com/windows-phone-unleashed-portland-recap

      Here's a Video about our future events:

      Windows Phone Unleashed Trailer from Erik Mork on Vimeo.

      It will be happening again in Seattle, Bellevue, and Boise.

      We look forward to seeing you there!

      -Mithun Dhar

    • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

      Publish Windows Phone 7 Apps for Free…


      Well, this offer couldn’t be any simpler! All you need to do is submit 2 or more Apps to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and then receive a rebate for $99.00


      Register for Windows Phone Developer Program and you will be notified when Rebates become Available!

      One more reason for Developers to jump on the Windows Phone 7 App development bandwagon aka App Gold Rush!

      Here are some of the really cool Windows Phone 7 Models that were announced today! I totally dig the HTC HD7.


      And using Bing Visual Search, you can explore the spec’s for all these phones in a visually appealing and smart way!

      Explore the new Windows Phone 7 devices

      Get started now…


      -Mithun Dhar


    • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

      Silverlight FireStarter | December 2nd 2010 | Redmond & Online (Streamed Live!) | Register NOW!



      You know the drill! The hottest event of the year is happening on December 2nd in Redmond, WA. If you are in and around Seattle or if you want to make a trip down and meet the Seattle Register NOW! Seating is very limited and if the past events are any indication – this will get Sold Out! (That’s ironic, considering that this event is free!)

      This day long, free event is a high profile, all Microsoft event. Come listen to the experts as they teach you and talk about Silverlight. Silverlight is becoming the platform of choice for developers and designers alike. With Windows Phone 7 just released, this platform is all set to take your coding skills to the next level and help you write WP7 apps. Of course, we have baked a lot of that into the agenda.

      Register NOW! December 2, 2010 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm pacific time — It's completely free! 

      image image

      Here’s how the day looks:

      FireStarter Live Agenda:

      Time Presenter Session Details
      8:00 am Scott Guthrie  Scott Guthrie Silverlight FireStarter Keynote
      9:00 am

      Jesse Liberty  Jesse Liberty Masterful Data Strategies with Silverlight and WP7
      10:00 am alt 15 minute break
      10:15 am

      Pete Brown  Pete Brown Roll Out Your Business Apps Today with RIA Services
      11:15 am John Papa  John Papa MVVM: Why and How? Tips and Patterns using MVVM and Service Patterns
      12:15 pm alt Lunch break
      1:00 pm alt Silverlight Today and Tomorrow (Special Guest Panel)
      1:30 pm Tim Heuer  Tim Heuer Building Real World Silverlight Apps
      2:30 pm alt 15 minute break
      2:45 pm Scott Guthrie   Mike Cook &
        Jossef Goldberg
      Tune Your Application: Profiling and Performance Tips
      3:45 pm Jaime Rodriguez  Jaime Rodriguez Killer Performance Tips for Silverlight Windows Phone 7
      5:00 pm alt After Party!

      Sessions are subject to change.

      Get Social: We are using the #slfs10 hash tag. Follow the conversation on Twitter…

      More information: http://www.silverlight.net/news/events/firestarter/

      Got Questions: Ask, slfs@microsoft.com

      See you at the event!

      -Mithun Dhar

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