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    Jordan Air’s goes Social Mosaic…


    …with Silverlight/Deep Zoom and the Azure Platform.


    If you have not already checked out the Mosaic 23/25, also know as the Social Mosaic – you’re missing out! The Jordan Brand a Division of Nike, Inc is celebrating its 25th Anniversary during NBA All-Star Weekend to take place in Dallas, TX from February 11-14. With the help of Wirestone, Jordan Brand is leveraging innovative Microsoft technology to engage consumers through rich experiences.

    The social mosaic is an innovative web app that allows enthusuasts to personally connect with the Jordan Brand by allowing them to upload photos of themselves with their favorite Air Jordans.

    All of this coolness is powerd by Silverlight 3 and leverages Deep Zoom which provides the ability to view high-res images and it also enables Multitouch capabilities.

    All of this is being dished up by powerful Azure Servers in the backend. The Windows Azure platform allows to easily calibrate the number of web roles instances to support traffic bursts and it also allows the Jordan brand team to scale out backend worker role instances used to construct the Deep Zoom Mosaic, especially as photos are continually uploaded.

    Here’s the kicker – The total mosaic is constructed with over 5 Billion pixels!

    You can feast here!


    -Mithun Dhar

  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    If you had invested $5,000 in 2000…


    …it’d now be worth $2,200. Basically…my investment would be nearly down by 50%. I am wondering if it’s really wise to keep any money in the market at all. Perhaps there is a wiser way to invest. Albeit, lesser profits but safer.

    All, I can say is WOW! We still haven’t recovered from the .Com bubble bust. Just look at the chart below…

    I wonder how long we’ll take to recover from this recession. It’s an epic fail of Efficient Market Hypothesis.


    -Mithun Dhar


    This is not the actual representation. But a very vague one at best…

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