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June, 2009

  • Matt Mitrik

    Bi-directional SVN to TFS Tool Available

    One of our partners, Persistent Systems, just released a tool to migrate data from Subversion to TFS.  After migration, this tool also provides the ability to synchronize changes back to the SVN repository, allowing teams with heterogeneous ALM tooling...
  • Matt Mitrik

    Migration Tools Community

    Something that I’m currently working on is trying to better understand the interest our partners and community members have in the migration/sync space.  There are already some people out there that have built tools on our existing Migration Toolkit...
  • Matt Mitrik

    Branch Hierarchy Visualization

    One of the new branch visualizations we’ve added allows users to see the hierarchical relationship between branches.  That is, the visualization shows the logical relationships between a family of related branches.  Typically, branches only...
  • Matt Mitrik

    First Class Branches

    Introducing the concept of “first class branches” is a significant part of the 2010 release for version control.  Not only does it help to distinguish between folders and branches, but it enables our branch visualizations, and provides a platform...
  • Matt Mitrik

    What’s new in Version Control in TFS 2010?

    Something I’ve been waiting to do is to blog about all of the great features we have added to version control in TFS 2010.  Now that the Beta 1 bits have been published, I’m planning a series of blog posts to cover each feature we’ve added to the...
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