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  • Blog Post: New Branch and Merge Permissions

    In a previous blog post about the new First Class Branches that we have added in TFS 2010, I mentioned the addition of two new permissions related to branching and merging.  In this post, I want to go into a bit more detail about these permissions, explaining what each enables, the motivation for...
  • Blog Post: Changing to Slot Mode in TFS 2010 Version Control

    In TFS 2010, one of the more significant changes that we made to our version control platform was how we identify items.  Previously, version control operated in what we called “item mode” and in TFS 2010 it operates in “slot mode”.  To better understand the motivation and impact of these changes...
  • Blog Post: CSS Blog Post on Partial Merges

    Ladislau Szomoru, a CSS Engineer for TFS, just posted a great blog post about partial merges on the CSS team’s blog .  Partial merges are fairly undocumented in most of the TFS documentation, and this blog post serves as a good supplement for anyone looking for details on partial merges as well...
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