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October, 2006

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    First post

    Hi all, My name is Mitsuru FURUTA. I am working for Microsoft FRANCE as a Developer Evangelist from 2003. From sept 04, I am posting on my french blog about Microsoft technologies and french events. Since PDC 2005, I got specialized on Linq and WPF and...
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    Enumerating Enums

    In this post i will expose a little solution to make it more easy to read different values stored in a single enum instance. This sample is written in C# 2.0 using iterators and operator overriding. Let's use a simple enum definition: [Flags] public...
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    Linq to bits !

    Following my previous post , let's see how to extend Linq to bits... To have a good understanding of what I am working on in this post, it's highly recommended to read my previous post: Enumerating Enums . In fact, this is part II. Using Linq natural...
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