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March, 2010

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    C# 4 expressions: blocks [Part I]

    Since .Net 3.5 and Linq, the C# compiler is capable of generating expression trees instead of standard executable IL. Even if Linq opens the door of meta-programming (using the code to define something else, like a Sql query), we still have a lot of limitations...
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    C# 4 expressions: loops, goto, label, if and even for ! [Part III]

    We now have block and variable support in our very small meta language. Let’s try to use this basic engine to add higher functionalities. .Net 4.0 expression API also brings new instructions such as Loop, Goto, Label, IfThenElse, etc. We will add them...
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    C# 4 expressions: variables [Part II]

    Reading the first part is mandatory ! The goal is still the same: enhance the C# 4 expression capabilities. Now we have block support, let’s find a way to add variables. We can not really ‘code’ something without them… In our first sample, the...
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