February, 2004

  • Min Kwan Park's bLog

    Remove OLE Exception filer

    Sometimes, we are seeing random hangs or crashes with our testing product. well when we actually look into the post issue state, in many cases it is not easy to understand what causes the problem. One of the reasons not to see the cause is because...
  • Min Kwan Park's bLog

    Why QA need to read source code...

    Many cases, QAs are working based on test plan which is generated based on - Spec of feature - User scenarios - Feedback from Dev/PM - Previous experiences - Etc... However we oftenly miss the apect of understanding the feature at the...
  • Min Kwan Park's bLog

    Test code, Can they be re-used for next version?

    I have worked on same product about 5 years. and I have shipped three different product cycles and now I'm working on next version. Over this period, whenever we moved over to the new version, one of problem was to convert or rewrite test code. you...
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