Great work done by the CRM guys over in the US.

It's free, open and available here:

From the site:

For the business level:-

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics Foundation is a business intelligence solution accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 customers and partners. With Analytics Foundation, executives can better track and manage business performance with dashboards and KPIs. Managers and employees can create reports quickly and make better decisions. Sales, marketing, and service employees can identify and act on new opportunities to grow revenue and improve business efficiency with predictive analytics. "

For the slightly more technical level:-

"Analytics Foundation includes an OLAP cube (UDM) built on the default Microsoft CRM 3.0 schema, dashboards for sales and service, and predictive analytics such as product recommendation, lead potential rating, marketing list generation, and more. Analytics Foundation leverages data management and analytics technologies from the Microsoft Business Intelligence suite of products including SQL Server 2005, SharePoint, Business Scorecard Manager, Excel, and PerformancePoint Server 2007 (when available)."