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Mohammad is a Senior Architect tasked with supporting strategic account teams across Canada. He is also a member of the Microsoft Architecture Editorial Board and is passionate about documenting best practices for software architecture. Prior to joining M

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  • Blog Post: Web Cast: Java Interoperability with .NET

    About: This blog post is about the web cast that I will conduct next week, Hello, I will conduct the a Web Cast on Java and .NET interoperability next week, details of the Web Cast and the registration link is as follows:
  • Blog Post: Interoperability resources

    About: This post contains a series of interoperability resources between .NET and Web Sphere, Web Logic, Jboss and other J2EE technologies. It also contains lniks for interoperability between Unix and Windows, windows and mainframes, Netware and Windows and other Interoperability related resources. I...
  • Blog Post: J2EE and .NET interoperability through .NET remoting

    About: This post outlines further details about implementing J2EE and .NET interoperability through .NET remoting Hello, In my November 25, 2005 post I outlined the following four strategies for interoperability; 1) Web Services, 2) .NET Remoting, 3) HTTP (REST), and 4) Custom solutions....
  • Blog Post: J2EE and .NET Interoperability

    About: This post outlines some of the architectural mechanisms and strategies for programmatic interoperability between J2EE and .NET Hello, According to a recent study, over 80% of large enterprises will have both J2EE and .NET systems deployed in their IT environments for the next few years....
  • Blog Post: J2EE & .NET, similarities and differences

    About this posting: This post discusses the high-level similarities and differences between the J2EE and .NET programming models and provides some insight about future postings Hello, There are many similarities between .NET and J2EE. I am taking some liberty with the official definitions of these...
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