Over on the Momentum Business Insights Portal, we've got a great story involving the Ontario Hospital Association and how they're using customer relationship management tools to improve reporting and reduce event management costs.

The story is especially timely, particularly in light of this recent CRMBuyer article on how the Dynamics CRM offers that level of choice when it comes to deployment options -- be it on-premise or cloud-based. And over on our very own Channel 9, we take a look at Cloud Computing, Dynamics CRM and the new Windows Azure platform - and how they all fit together.

When speaking with IT decision makers about CRM, it's generally around streamline processes and taking advantage of things like e-commerce and online registration.  And with options like the cloud-based Dynamics CRM Online around, many are realizing that enterprise-class is no longer synonymous with high-priced.

But don't just take my word for it - check out the free 30-day trial for Dynamics CRM Online today. And if you're currently using Dynamics CRM - cloud-based or on-premise - what are your thoughts and experiences? Let me know in the comments.