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September, 2005

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    Monad PDC talk rated #3 overall

    PDC results are in and the Monad talk came in #3 based upon Presenter Effectiveness. Anders Hijlsberg's talks on C# and LINQ got the #1 and #2 slots. This is the second conference in row that Anders has edged out the Monad team for the #1 slot so this...
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    Monad Beta 2 Available

    We've just uploaded the new release to Download Center and the bits are now live! x86: x64: Please direct any questions or comments...
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    Duplicate Files

    Need a way to check if two files are the same? Calculate a hash of the files. Here is one way to do it: ## Calculates the hash of a file and returns it as a string. function Get-MD5([System.IO.FileInfo] $file = $(throw 'Usage: Get-MD5 [System...
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    Adding Notes

    A while back I mentioned that there was a way of adding notes to objects in the shell. Here is one way to do it: ## Adds a note to the pipeline input. filter AddNote([string] $name, $value) { $mshObj = [System.Management.Automation.MshObject...
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    MshObject and Methods that take object

    Every once in a while people ( including me) run into trouble calling methods that take object. Why? Well, as I told you earlier objects in MSH are wrapped by an invisible MshObject. As it turns out that this invisible object is not always so invisible...
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