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January, 2006

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    Minding Path Inputs in a Cmdlet

    When I was a Monad neophyte, I was asked to write a Cmdlet taking a file path as a parameter. A big mistake I made was not keeping in mind that in Monad the FileSystem provider was just one of the many providers. (This makes Monad different from many...
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    Adding help for cmdlets in a MshSnapIn

    Now that you know how to create an MshSnapIn, you might want to add help content for all those cmdlets that you developed and get them displayed by “get-help” cmdlet. To add help content you must know how a Monad Cmdlet Help file looks. See any of the...
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    Single Shell vs Custom Shell

    With Monad Beta 3 release, we've introduced the concept of the "single shell". What is a single shell? "One shell to rule them all ... and in the darkness..." (Sorry I can't stop saying that quote everytime I hear "single shell"!) Well rather than having...
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    Ensuring Script Portability with #requires

    With the MshSnapIn model in Beta 3, there is no gaurantee that a certain Cmdlet or Provider, apart from those in the default MshSnapIns, is available at any point. There could be a number of reasons. The MshSnapIn may not have been installed. The MshSnapIn...
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    Mshsnapin (part 2): developing a mshsnapin.

    To develop a mshsnapin, you can use following three simple steps, Create a class derived from MshSnapIn class. Build an assembly to contain the mshsnapin class created in step1 and also other cmdlet/provider classes to be included in the mshsnapin...
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    Mshsnapin (part 1): usage of mshsnapin commands.

    Latest beta3 release of monad added the capability of adding/removing cmdlets and providers in current running session through mshsnapins. Mshsnapin is a logic group of cmdlets and providers can be manipulate as a unit in monad engine. Following commands...
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    Using Monad for logon scripts

    In case you were wondering, yes, you can use Monad for your logon scripts. You can't just assign a .MSH file as a logon script however, since only file types with file associations work as logon scripts. Monad installation doesn't create a file association...
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